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Clarity isn't everything, but it changes everything.

As You Look To AccelerateYour Mission... 


You need vivid clarity on what that mission actually is and a God-sized vision of the impact you can have on the Kingdom!

Do you have that sense of freedom, confidence, & clarity?
Live Your Mission has partnered with The Clarity Project...
To help leaders deepen their sense of identity and vision in order to accomplish everything God has prepared for them to do. Leaders don't need another 'done-for-you' product, we need a proven process designed to craft a unique vision.
Guided by the Vision Frame, leaders can develop the clarity required to fully lead with a renewed sense of freedom.


Developed by church consultant Will Mancini, expert on a new kind of visioning process, to help churches develop a stunningly unique model of ministry that leads to redemptive movement. The Vision Frame contains five components that define your church's DNA and creates the platform for all vision casting. No leader should lead, no team should meet, and no initiative should start without a clear understanding of their unique Vision Frame.

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Vision Frame..png

Walk The Path To Vision Clarity

The Church Unique Vision Pathway is custom designed to take your team through the creation of your church's Vision Frame. Establishing and articulating your unique DNA & Vision.

Vision Frame.png

2-Day Vision Retreat

Find and focus your long term vision and short term execution in a 2-day retreat. The Horizon Storyline offers the senior leadership the confidence that there is no better way to articulate the direction of the church.


Gospel-Centered Life Design

The journey to clarity begins with the courage to know yourself. Most people go through life missing the power of realizing their special, specific calling. Younique is the first gospel-centered life planning experience that brings together vigorous assessment, personal coaching and practical tools to provide break-thru clarity for your life.

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