Servant leadership ignites life transformation in both the giver and receiver. You were created with the needs of others in mind. Your intellect, talents, abilities, and potential were all gifts from God. God created you to feel His pleasure, joy, and satisfaction when you love God and others as a servant leader.

Jesus Christ taught and modeled servant leadership and it changed the world. Jesus’ model as a servant leader reset the standard for power, position, and leadership for all of time. Jesus’ servant leadership model impacts every relationship. Marriages, friendships, families, businesses, and even governments are all turned upside down from the norm when servant leadership is displayed from the top down.  

Jesus Christ modeled dying to oneself. His sacrificial death left no room for argument about how far servant leadership will go. If you really want to “Live Your Mission”, then you will have to die to yourself.  Dying to your selfish ambitions in marriage, family, friendships, and business is the daily routine of a servant leader.  

Jesus Christ, the most influential person in all of history asks nothing less than total surrender of your selfishness to live the abundant life, free of self and alive on mission. Are you ready to succeed? To be the best you can be? Death to self is your first step to being alive on your mission.