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want to go deeper with IAAR?


There are two options available for the training, an 8-week online course offered through Hope International University and a 9-week on-site course which can be led by a Coordinator at a church or other location. For more info and testimonies about the course, scroll down to the Additional Training Options section on this page. You can also download a comprehensive brochure about the two Relational Evangelism course formats.

Option #1—An online course offered through Hope International University is based upon It’s All About Relationship and equips you to be an effective disciple-maker utilizing this powerful personal evangelism tool. Check out what students are saying about it in the testimonies below!

Individuals and groups of any size may take the course through HIU’s Open Course format for only $100 per person. This course can also be taken for Bachelors or Masters credit at a cost of $300. Churches wanting to transition to being a disciple-making church will find this course is exactly what they need to train up an army of Christ ambassadors in sharing the Gospel effectively.

Questions? email John Hendee

To sign up for the course, contact Phil Towne at

Option #2—An on-site 9-week course offered at your location with you leading it as a facilitation coordinator. You will be using the same training materials found in the online course, but you will meet with your people every week during the 9 weeks. The process to become a course coordinator requires successfully completing  the online course through HIU prior to offering it at your location.

For more info, visit or contact Bruce Logan at

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