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Transforming Lives in Kenya and Beyond

In 2013  we received a compelling invitation to begin training Pastors in Vihiga, Kenya. These pastors had little to no training.  What God would do with our simple act of obedience in training local leaders to share the Gospel was mind-blowing! Since the first training in Kenya back in 2014, our teams have now been in over 30 countries igniting disciple-making movements.


We’ve been blown away by the fruit that has come, but nothing could prepare us for what God was about to do next…

Image by Sergey Pesterev

An Unexpected Opportunity

“In their hearts, humans plan their course,
but the Lord establishes their steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (NIV)

Our ministry started in Kenya and led to a God-sized dream we never saw coming…

In 2022, Live Your Mission was gifted nearly 5 acres to build a youth camp and training center [link to the story further down the page] to reach more children and adults stuck in darkness and share the good news of Jesus Christ. While building a facility for youth and training was never a part of our initial plan or vision, YOU can join us in this incredible opportunity to transform a nation with the Gospel! 



Why is there such a need for Camp Kenya?

This region is wrecked with darkness from centuries of ancestral worship and witchcraft. Camp Kenya is not merely a camp; it's a disciple-making training center and youth camp. God’s Word will be shared with some for the very first time. Others will be equipped to multiply disciples to northwest Kenya's young and old souls. 


The youth of Kenya are often abandoned, hungry, and untouched by the love of Jesus. Camp Kenya will be a radiant light breaking through the darkness and bringing the promise of transformation to these young lives! 

See the Vision: Building Camp Kenya

Through your generous donations, Camp Kenya will enable us to:

Bring the light of Christ to an area of darkness 

Invest in the lives of the children in the Vihiga region with the love of Christ 

Have a facility devoted to training and equipping adults & children

Image by bennett tobias

The Genesis of Camp Kenya

One Couple’s Story of Radical Obedience

Charles & Agnes IMG_5553_edited.jpg

Charles and Agnes - Standing on the land they donated for Camp Kenya to be built.

Crops IMG_5486.jpeg

In 2015, we met a remarkable couple through LYM’s School of Ministry. God grabbed ahold of Charles and Agnes as they prepared to multiply disciples and model radical obedience. 

In 2016, Charles provided a portion of his land to build a church in an area where witchcraft, demons, and the teachings of Islam are prevalent. His family has worked on this land for nearly 80 years. God ignited a selfless movement of His love through the hearts of Charles and Agnes and Mountain View Church was born.

But that’s not all. In 2022, Charles shared that he was “talking with Jesus last night, and Jesus wants me to give my land to Live Your Mission for ministry.”  No one asked for his land, and no one saw this coming!

Land once used to plant crops, will now be used to plant God’s Word in people's hearts.


In 2022 and 2023, LYM was invited to be the camp missionaries for the summer at Little Galilee Christian Camp. A partnership was formed to build Camp Kenya together. During that time, we’ve had the opportunity to share the vision of Camp Kenya with over 3,800 campers!  What a privilege & joy this has been! Sowing seeds in the hearts of 4-18 year olds has taught us so much!  


Each camper could take a hand-made bank home to pray and help raise money for Camp Kenya. Their response blew us away!

What a blessing! God continues to expand our hearts through the honesty and passion of these young campers!

LYM and Kenyan leaders are working together on the strategy for building Camp Kenya. We will begin building as funds are provided. 

Partnership with Little Galilee Christian Camp 

Land IMG_5501.jpeg

Will You Help Us Transform Generations In Kenya?

God is using Little Galilee and Live Your Mission to bring the light of Christ to Kenya and make an eternal difference.


We need your help too!

Little Galilee Christian Camp, a beacon of Christ's love since 1955, now extends its radiant legacy to northwest Kenya, where children face abandonment and hunger. We see an opportunity to infuse hope and share the love of Christ for generations to come!


Camp Kenya Timeline1.png

We are excited about this opportunity the Lord has provided, and we trust Him as He provides the resources and finances to complete the building of Camp Kenya. 

Illuminate the Darkness In Kenya

Your Impact Matters: 

Every donation, every sponsorship, every act of generosity is a spark that contributes to illuminating lives. Join this movement of compassion and be the light that guides these children toward a brighter future.

Camp Kenya is not just a dream; it's a journey we're living. Your support has secured land, established crucial partnerships, and fueled the fire of transformation.

Your contribution is more than a donation; it's a beacon of hope. As we construct Camp Kenya, we're not just building structures but dreams, hopes, and a future for these children. Join us on this inspirational journey. Thank you for being the light that transforms lives!

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